Our Chocolate
Flavored with with vanilla and non-alkalized liquors, each VelicheĀ® product represents a subtle variation on the theme of pure Belgian chocolate.

Chocolat Blanc 29%
White Chocolate
A clean, balanced milk flavor with a buttery mouth-feel, inviting aroma and a subtle suggestion of vanilla. Viscosity: 6,200 cp
Chocolat Lait 40%
Milk Chocolate
Balanced and smooth milk character with harmonious undertones of caramel, honey and butterscotch. Viscosity: 3,800 cp
Chocolat Noir 58%
Bittersweet Chocolate
Dusky and intense cocoa flavor with a bittersweet, lightly fudgy aftertaste. Made with Tahitian vanilla. Viscosity: 10,000 cp
Chocolat Noir 64%
Bittersweet Chocolate
Complex and dimensional; bittersweet with mellow notes of roasted coffee and tobacco with a lingering richness that melts into the palate. Made with Tahitian vanilla. Viscosity: 5,200 cp
Chocolat Noir 72%
Bittersweet Chocolate
Subtle depths of flavor with surprisingly delicate bittersweet roasted notes that form gradually and dissipate slowly. Made with Tahitian vanilla. Viscosity: 3,800 cp
All Veliche® chocolates are sold in button form for optimum workability and ease of handling. Veliche is packaged in 10 kg. cartons for your convenience.

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