The Veliche Chocolate brand is owned by Cargill, Incorporated. Cargill is a global leader in the production and marketing of food, agricultural, financial and industrial products and services. With the support of Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate, Veliche Chocolate is able to play a role in creating and maintaining a sustainable cocoa supply chain and is helping to support cocoa growing communities around the world through the Cargill Cocoa Promise.

In order to improve the lives of farmers, education is critical. The Cargill Cocoa Promise supports farmers with training and financial support to increase yields and produce premium beans. Cooperatives are also very important; working as a cooperative can help farmers increase earnings while investing in their local communities. Lastly, the Cargill Cocoa Promise provides assistance for farmers to gain independent certification.

Within cocoa farming communities, Cargill is working to promote and protect the rights of children. Providing a quality and relevant education is a main focus. Also, the Cargill Cocoa Promise contributes to social development with initiatives to reduce poverty levels among farmer families through education and health provision, including health, safety and wellbeing services.

To improve the long-term sustainable production of cocoa, the Cargill Cocoa Promise is helping to protect the environment and conditions of farmlands. With access to innovative technology, farmland can be regenerated. By enhancing biodiversity and conservation in local environments, the Cargill Cocoa Promise is helping to ensure that future cocoa farms are protected from aging and environmental degradation. In addition, Cargill's productivity programs improve the farmers' knowledge of Good Agriculture Practices to enable them to increase their yields and income.

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