Creating with Veliche

Lime Basil Truffle
480 g Heavy cream   500 g Veliche Chocolat Noir 58%, tempered
120 g Honey 2.5 g Invertase
30 g Fresh basil leaves 1 whole vanilla bean split lengthwise
80 g Lime juice Parchment lined tray with 7mm spacers
15 g Lime zest Veliche Chocolat Noir 64%
60 g Dairy butter, room temperature
500 g Veliche Chocolat Lait 40%, tempered

Boil cream, honey, basil and vanilla bean and allow to steep for 30-40 minutes.

Heat the lime juice and zest to 104° F, set aside.

After steeping, strain cream mixture through a fine mesh and allow to cool below 104° F. Whisk tempered chocolates into cream mixture to obtain a nice emulsion.

Strain lime juice and zest through a fine mesh and add a little at a time to the ganache.
Lime Basil Truffle Group
Add the butter and invertase when ganache has cooled below 100° F.

Spread ganache on parchment lined tray that has 7 mm spacers, to 7 mm thickness. Allow to cool and firm, then apply thin chocolate bottom with tempered chocolate.

Cut into 2.5 cm squares with ganache cutter or chef's knife (or other shape with ganache cutter) and enrobe with Veliche Chocolat Noir 64%.

Yield: Approximately 200 truffles (depends on mould size)

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Lime Basil Truffle  
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