Creating with Veliche

Decadent Dark Chocolate Truffle
400 gHeavy cream
65 gCorn syrup
800 g Veliche Chocolat Noir 72%, tempered
65 gDairy butter, room temperature
5 gInvertase
Veliche Chocolat Blanc 29% for coating

Blend cream and corn syrup and heat until scalded.

Let cool below 105° F and whisk in tempered Veliche Chocolat Noir 72%.

Decadent Dark Chocolate Truffle Grouping Add butter and invertase until fully incorporated.

Allow to cool until firm and scoop into approximately one inch balls.

Coat with tempered Veliche Chocolat Blanc 29%.

Yield: Approximately 112 pieces

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Decedant Dark Chocolate Truffle  
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