Creating with Veliche

Champagne Truffle
700 g Veliche® Chocolat Lait 40%, tempered
300 gChampagne (or sparkling wine)
200 gLiquid caramel
100 gHeavy cream
30 gCognac (optional)
Hollow chocolate shells made with Veliche® Chocolat Lait 40%

Heat caramel and cream together and scald; blend in champagne. Allow to cool below 104° C.

Champagne Truffle Grouping Whisk in tempered Veliche® Chocolat Lait 40%, and then add cognac. Cool in refrigerator until thickened, mixing occasionally.

Using a beater attachment, whip in mixer until color becomes lighter and ganache is slightly whipped. Fill chocolate shells and allow to set until a crust forms; apply bottoms.

Yield: Approximately 200 truffles

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Champagne Truffle  
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