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Cajeta-Raspberry Truffles
Mexican restaurant menus always feature at least one dessert made with "cajeta", a wildly popular caramel sauce made with goat's milk. Jars and plastic squeeze bottles of cajeta are available in most Hispanic grocery stores. Choose from a variety of flavors including: sencilla (plain), vainilla (vanilla), quemada ("burned" or cooked to a high temperature), and envinada (flavored with rum or sherry). This recipe is best suited for vanilla-flavored cajeta. The common brand is Coronado.

Raspberry Puree
12 oz. Bag of frozen raspberries
4 tbsp.Fresh lemon juice
3 tbsp.Confectioners' sugar

Heat raspberries and lemon juice in microwave oven or on stovetop to approximately 160° F and mash or puree in processor. Using a rubber spatula, push/scrape puree through fine mesh strainer (1/16" openings or smaller) to remove seeds. Whisk in sugar while still warm. Makes 10 -11 oz. puree (approx. 300g).

660 g Coronado Cajeta Vainilla (available in Hispanic grocery stores)
300 gRaspberry puree (see below for recipe)
70 gHeavy cream
60 gRaspberry liquor
360 gVeliche® Chocolat Lait 40%, tempered
70 gDairy butter
Veliche® Chocolat Noir 64% for shells

Cajeta-Raspberry Truffle Grouping Using a pastry bag, deposit cajeta into shells made with Veliche® Chocolat Noir 64%, filling shells approximately halfway.

Blend raspberry puree and cream and heat to scalding. Add liquor and cool to 105° F. Slowly whisk in tempered Veliche® Chocolat Lait 40%. Add butter and blend until incorporated. Immediately deposit raspberry ganache on top of cajeta.

Allow ganache to skin over, then bottom.

Yield: Approximately 240 truffles

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Cajeta-Raspberry Truffles  
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